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4 Things You Should Always Use a Lawyer For

judge-gavelNot all of us have a personal attorney at our disposal. The cost alone sometimes can be excessive and overwhelming, unless of course, you really need one. Then they can prove to be priceless and even help the future of your life.

There are some areas that a lawyer is not necessary. For instance, if you don’t have many or any kids, you don’t need one to write out your last will and testament. Also, despite what you may have heard, you do not need an attorney when buying a house or filing a name change for yourself or child.

There are 4 areas in which an attorney is a must and not having one could prove to be detrimental.

  1. Getting Sued – It doesn’t matter how petty the allegation may be against you and how you feel the plaintiff has zero case, you can’t ignore the fact that you may be wrong in your initial judgment. An attorney can ensure you are prepared and will make sure you are properly represented. If the plaintiff hired an attorney, you definitely will be thankful you decided to obtain one for yourself.
  2. Charged with a DUI – There is really no question with this one. It is worth every penny to hire a lawyer to represent you in a DUI case. You are very well at a risk of losing your right to drive, jail time, fines, and other judgments against you. A DUI attorney will represent you and help reduce the penalties in your case.
  3. Declaring Bankruptcy – Yes, you’re broke. Yet, when you reach the point of no return and decide to file for bankruptcy, the wisest choice you can make is having a lawyer to assist you. If you don’t, when you face the judge, a decision may not be made to wipe out all of your debt.
  4. Getting a Divorce – Unless you just want to hand everything over to your soon-to-be ex spouse, a lawyer is not even a questions, especially when children are involved. Divorces get nasty, even when you think you’re ending the marriage on good terms. Divorce attorneys work together to decide who gets what and they present the best case to the judge who then decides everything from custody of the children, to the marital residence, alimony, child support and beyond.

As you can see, you don’t always need a lawyer in every situation you have, yet it is imperative in the four listed above. You need to always protect yourself and sometimes having skilled representation serves you better than trying to play lawyer yourself.